Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tinsel Town in the Mediterranean

 A quick  post as we have started a production line in my craft room - dad and I.  Hubby prefers cleaning the dishes with a toothbrush rather than be in the craft room but who can blame him when he sees Dad covered all over in glitter - clothes, fingers, ears, nose, everywhere.  

the production line has become a bit of a tradition but this year it is even extra special as we will be participating in an artisan's fair this weekend, hence the silence since I landed.  Too busy crafting to blog! Sorry people. 

A different colour palette. 

   I just love my IPad camera.   It captures so much detail, like the linen texture of the gorgeous water colour paper I used to make the backing paper.  As times goes by, I've realized I like to make my own patterned paper with the little stash I have.  Everything is made from scratch even the letters, die cut with sizzix.  If this has piqued your interest, then come back later to see the finished results.

This is my messy desk this week, actually dad's desk.  Should have bought some A4 double sided sticky sheets but you have to be creative when there's none in your stash.  

Oh, oh, Dad is not happy I'm skiving from work.  Guess we have a new manager in Tinsel Town.  It's great to spend time with him.  Off I go but before, do head over to What's on your craft desk to see want other crafter's have been up to this week:

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